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There is no substitute for a personal discussion

Individuality is our strength – also in the sales field. Therefore we would like to inform you personally about the special performance characteristics and quality standards of Lehbrink special machines.

For your first contact, please call or write to:

Wilhelm Ober-Sundermeyer

Lehbrink Sales Director
Phone: +49 (0) 5202-990 212
Mobile: +49 (0) 151-147 562 56

Lehbrink Machinery worldwide

For decades LEHBRINK machinery is installed throughout the whole world. They fulfil the expectations form our customers and are still reliable after being in production for years.

If you are interetsed to learn more about the production capabilities and references of our machines, we will be glad to help you.


Individual - For high-quality serial production and batch size 1 production

Lehbrink special machines are not available “off-the-peg”; you will define the machine output and we will translate your requirements into sophisticated technology.

An overview of this product presentation will give you a first impression of our competence. We will be pleased to extend our range for your special requirements. Contact us!  

Mitre milling machines and lines (Folding-System)

  • Cross milling (e.g. for drawer production)
  • Lengthwise milling (e.g. for edge reinforcement)
  • Working with profile tools or two saw blades

Corpus glueing press

  • Furniture corpuses (e.g. folded drawers)
  • Loud speaker boxes
  • Furniture frames

Door frame manufacturing machines and lines

  • Lining angle manufacture (milling, glueing, folding, pressing)
  • Automatic frame glueing presses (joining of lining and door case)
  • Frame formatting and corner connection lines
  • Frame working stations
  • Automatic fitting mounting and assembly machines
  • Door Frame packing machines

CNC-controlled door working machines and plants

  • Working stations for complete processing
  • Automatic lock and hinge assembly lines
  • Door packing machines
  • Fully automatic door sorting lines

Machines and lines for foldable back panel manufacturing

  • Patent protected
  • Different working methods and folding profiles
  • Lines with splitting saw for extremely high performance
  • Triple folding

Handling - and Assembly machines

  • Separation, assembly and fastening of: furniture fittings, Hardware for doors and frames, sealing strips

Aluminum processing

  • Sawing, drilling and milling
  • Slat working stations (customized solution)