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processing of aluminium

Lehbrink quality for aluminum processing

For years now, Lehbrink is processing aluminium, mostly as profiled material. You can rely on the Lehbrink quality also regarding these machines.

The processing of aluminium for door frames, window parts or the like means to us:

  • sawing
  • drilling
  • milling/shaping

If you need any different processing of aluminium, we would like to talk with you about creating your Lehbrink machine. The design of the machine will be according to the customer requirement. You will get a machine, which is reliable and long-living.

SBA 220

Profile bar machining center with drilling, shaping and sawing station for the processing of window and external door profiles.

Profile bar machining center for the processing of window and external door profiles

Lehbrink is a special machine manufacturer that knows its customers need's clearly. This is why Lehbrink offers a profile bar machining center which is highly flexible, very fast and absolutely precise. The customers' specific requirements are implemented precisely and so a machine can be designed, exactly to customers' specification.

As the requirements can be very diverse, the machine can be designed in a wide variety of formats: With a wide range of sawing, shaping, routing and drilling techniques which can be combined: Whether sawing with or without angle cut or whether individual drilling and shaping is required – the machine can be configured  individually!

The machine is equipped with a transport system, which operates profile-independent, and which secures a constant transport of the workpieces through the machine. The drilling and shaping units can process the workpiece at any position, so an absolutely precise processing can be ensured.

We are looking forward to supporting you with your new projects. Please don't hesitate to contact our Sales Team anytime:

Phone: +49 (0) 5202-990 510
E-Mail: info(at)

Profile bar machining center
Shaping and Drilling station: A wide range of sawing, shaping and drilling units can be combined
Swiveling sawing Station - Saw blade 90°
Swiveling sawing station
Tool changer

SBA 230

Machine for the processing (shaping, drilling and fine cut) of aluminum profiles

SBA 230 - Machine for the processing of aluminum profiles

The SBA 230 is a machine for the processing (shaping, drilling and fine cut) of aluminium profiles.

The machine concept

  • The feeding is carried out over a driven cross-feed system. It is used as a buffer, so that up to 10 profiles can be applied.
  • The machine is equipped with a NC-controlled workpiece feed. The profiled rails are clamped by a collet mount and fed through the machine.

The equipment

  • Shaping station i.e. for locking handles
  • Sawing Station
    ◦ Tiltable in +/- 45°
    ◦ Tiltable in 90°
    ◦ Swivelling in +/- 25°

The advantages

  • The processing of many different profiles is possible
  • Optimal use of raw material
  • Highly-flexible production
  • Dust extraction with potential-free contact ⇒ Resource efficiency

The special features

In order to have the possibility to process different profiles, the stock support and the clamping device are adapted to these demands. The workpiece is guided over a three-point support bearing. The middle seating ledge is fixed, whereas the left and right seating ledges are moveable in height and width.

For further information please contact our sales team any time:

Phone: +49 (0) 5202-990 510
E-Mail: info(at)

Machine for the processing of aluminum profiles
Multi-functional shaping station
The sawing Station is swiveling and tiltable