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Door frame manufacturing

We build many different variants of door frame manufacturing and processing plants. Materials, frame profiles, corner connections, fittings, etc. will of course exactly meet your requirements. Running measuring probes, exactly clamped linings, tear-proof saw cuts, adapted data migration and many other features are the distinguishing characteristics of these high-quality plants. The results of our long standing experience which will be reflected by production quality later on.

Door frame manufacturing ZAR 698

Production line for the manufacturing of door frames

Door frame processing machine ZAR 698

Production line for machining door frames, long and cross pieces

The concept:

  • The ZAR 698 processes two parts simultaneously. However, we also offer it as one station, i.e. two separate machines with the following features:
    1.Manufacture of frame corner connections
    2.Machining of long parts
  • For medium-sized production

The equipment:

Frame format saw

  • 45°/90° Trimming cut
  • Drilling in the lining board cutting edge for frame corner conncection
  • Drill pot drill hole (Elepart)

Door Frame Machining Plant

  • Horizontal drilling unit for hinge drilling
  • Horizontal milling unit for lock plate routing
  • Vertical milling from below for catch box and striking plates
  • Vertical drilling from below for lock drilling, hinge clamping screw and pre-drilling

The advantages:

  • Open control - quick and easy adaptation to meet new requirements
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Versatile - whether U- or L-shaped frames, whether chipboard, MDF or solid wood, whether lacquered or non-lacquered veneer, whether plastic or foil-coated, whether straight edge or round edge on one side - a multiplicity of basic forms, top layers, linings and intrados can be processed
  • Modular system - the basic equipment can be complemented with further processing mtors, because its processing units have been designed with free spaces
  • The spacial saw cut ensures a non-stripped edge under 90° and 45° (Patent pending)

For further information please contact our sales team:

Phone: +49 (0) 5202 - 990 510
e-Mail: info(at)

Door frame processing - manually loaded
Trimming cut for 45° and 90°
Horizontal and vertical drilling and shaping unit for the complete processing of door frames

Door frame processing ZBA 531

NC-controlled door frame processing machine with 12-axes, which performs all drilling and milling work (horizontal und vertical).

ZBA 531 - Door Frame processing machine

NC-controlled Door Frame Processing Machine with 12 axes, which performs all drilling and milling work (horizontal and vertical) for the various metal fittings on jambs and door frame parts.

The freely selectable processing positions throughout the entire working length are specified by the NC-controlled stop with highest precision. A simultaneous processing from 3 sides is possible.


  • PC-controlled program fetch – no set-up times (except tool changing)•All processing groups are equipped with 3 NC-Axes – Simultaneous processing is possible
  • Processings along the whole door frame – by multiple positioning
  • Tear-out free cut by complete circling of the U-frame
  • Exact adjustment – Compensation of inaccuracy of corners originated with preproduction
  • Avoidance of surface damage

For further information please feel free to contact our Lehbrink Sales Team anytime:

Phone: +49 (0) 5202-990 510
e-Mail: info(at)

Door frame format saw ZFL 541

NC-controlled format system for door jambs, automatic peration in longitudinal through-feed.

Door frame format saw ZFL 541

NC-controlled formating system for door jambs, automatically operating in longitudinal through feed, designed as a 2-station machine

  • Tear-out free cross cutting through track controlled sawing unit covering 3 sides and automatic pre-cut setting
  • Program controlled 45°/90° cutting sequences
  • Clamp and lamello grooving units or drilling unit with individually controllable spindles for corner connections
  • Pot hinge hole drilling for mitre connection
  • Program controlled production sequences, independent of the workpiece dimensions, with take-over of all required parameters

 For further information please contact our Sales Team:

Phone: +49 (0) 5202-990 510
e-Mail: info(at)

Door frame manufacturing; automatic in longitudinal throughfeed

Drilling unit for 45° door frame corner connections

Insertion of sealing profiles with sextuple changer

Mounting unit for locking plates with hopper

Door frame format saw - automatic in cross throughfeed

Automatic free punch adjustment (LEHBRINK patent)